Know the Chemistry exam last minute tips


So tomorrow is the judgement day for all those who are appearing for the chemistry exam. Since chemistry is that subject which can’t be prepared only through cramming, I would suggest you do not try to learn anything new on this last day. Here we will discuss Chemistry exam last minute tips.

One thing you must understand that if you have studied thoroughly through NCERT then there is nothing to fear in the examination.

Chemistry exam last minute tips

  1. The first step is that you must practice previous year question paper. After solving the paper take 20 minutes break, then you can start with next paper.
  2. Organic chemistry is the subject that is completely concept based. So please don’t start with something new while revising.
  3. The most important thing, don’t revise any chapter or concept more than 3 times because you have to give time for solving sample paper.
  4. When it comes to health advice, don’t eat heavy food. Also sleep on time before the day of examination.
  5. Lastly, don’t call your friends or anyone for advice, just stick to your own preparation and give your best shot for tomorrow.

Chemistry exam last minute tips: Marks distribution

S.No. Title Marks
1. Solid state 4
2. Solution 5
3. Electrochemistry 5
4. Chemical Kinetics 5
5. Surface Chemistry 4
6. General principles and process of Isolation of elements 3
7. p-Block Elements 8
8. d-and f-Block Elements 5
9. Coordination Compounds 3
10. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 4
11. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 4
12. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids 6
13. Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen 4
14. Biomolecules 4
15. Polymers 3
16. Chemistry in Everyday life 3
Total 70

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