Importance of Self-Study for NEET: No matter how many coaching class you attend for NEET in the end, it’s your self-study that will reflect your preparation level. In this video, we will talk about how the self-practice can help to get in the rank list of NEET. Do like and subscribe to the channel for all the latest updates on exams.

Importance of Self-Study for NEET

  1. Understand your syllabus very well: Even before you embark on the actual theory, spend a good amount of time understanding the syllabus. Since the NEET exam covers major syllabi of many boards, you may want to compare them alongside. There will be some common topics which you may not have to spend much time on since they will be covered in your board syllabus.
  2. Stick to the timetable: Timetable helps you plan and stick to your study routine. A well-created timetable that allows you to work on your weaker subject, allots enough time to revision and mock test. It will ensure all areas are covered and it will also create a sense of discipline and seriousness in your self-study for NEET.
  3. Practice Mock Test: Practice is the most important thing for cracking any entrance test. Just like the board exam, there is the pattern for such an entrance test. The more mock tests, you take. the better you equip yourself with answering the paper.
  4. Be honest with yourself:  Since you have taken the plunge of self-study you ought to be sincere to yourself. You may find yourself straying mid-way. And that’s the time you got to remind yourself of your goal.

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