JIPMER 2017 Physics Important Chapters

JIPMER 2017 Physics Important Chapters

The JIPMER 2017 exam is happening on 4th June 2017. This year the aspirants will face some challenges to give the exam, due to the late examination of CBSE 12th boards. The problem doesn’t end here, after 12th boards examination the students are getting less than a month to prepare for NEET 2017. Here you can check the JIPMER 2017 Physics Important Chapters.

Compare to NEET the JIPMER exam is tougher. So, in order to do well in the exam, you must do the smart study.Of course, after the NEET examination, you may like to take 1 or 2 days break which is completely alright. After 2 days break first thing that you should do is organise the study plan.

Generally, whether it is NEET or AIIMS or JIPMER the challenging part for every student is Physics. The thing that makes more complicated is to understand the important chapter of Physics.

JIPMER 2017 Physics Important Chapters

Below there are the given chapters, which are very important from examination point of view.

  1. Current Electricity
  2. Electrostatic
  3. Heat and Thermodynamics
  4. Laws of Motion
  5. Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism
  6. Modern Physics: (Atomic Models)
  7. Motion in One Dimension
  8. Physics of Nucleus
  9. Simple Harmonic Motion
  10. Solids and Semiconductor Devices
  11. Wave Motion
  12. Alternating Current
  13. Center of Mass, Impulse and Momentum
  14. Circular Motion
  15. Electromagnetic Induction
  16. Gravitation
  17. Heating and Chemical Effects of Current
  18. Motions In 2D
  19. Ray Optics
  20. Rotational Motion
  21. Units Dimensions Errors
  22. Work Energy Power

JIPMER 2017 Physics Important Chapters: Quick tips

  1. The first thing you must do is solve previous year question paper.In JIPMER exam you won’t be asked a direct question so you must get used to application based question.
  2. Don’t forget to revise the theory and formula from important chapters.
  3. If you get a little time you can work on the chapters which you find more difficult.
  4. Attempt mock test on a regular base to analyse your preparation.
  5. Last but not the least be optimistic about your preparation.


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Happy Preparation!!