NEET 2018 Exam Analysis you must know

NEET 2018 Exam Analysis

NEET 2018 Exam Analysis: The NEET 2018 exam conducted on May 6th Sunday for 66,000 MBBS/BDS seats. This year more than 13.2 lakh of students have given the exam as compared to 11.4 lakh last year. There are two factors that lead to increases in NEET 2018 applicants. First was several states have opted for NEET score over the state-level common entrance exam and the other was the no. of attempts to 3 has been removed by CBSE.

When it comes to the level of questions many education experts felt that NEET 2018 exam was slightly easier than the last year question paper. Also, this time most of the questions were not time-consuming. In comparison to the previous year, physics section was still tough.

NEET 2018 Exam Analysis

Starting with physics, 24 questions were asked from class 12th whereas 21 questions were asked from 11th class. There were 2 difficult questions, 9 moderate questions and 34 easy questions.

In chemistry, 20 questions were asked from 12th standard and 20 questions from the 11th standard syllabus. The paper consists of 24 easy questions, 20 moderate questions and 1 difficult question. Overall the chemistry section was not lengthy.

Now when it comes to biology it was the easiest section in comparison to other sections. There were 46 questions asked from the 12th syllabus and 44 questions were asked from the 11th syllabus. This section had 9 difficult questions, 33 moderate questions and 48 easy questions. Most of the questions were asked directly from NCERT and were concept based.

Majority of students felt that most of the questions were from NCERT and it was the concept base like 170 questions were from NCERT book whereas 10 questions were tricky.


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