Prepare smartly for NEET 2018 Physics

NEET 2018 Physics

NEET 2018 Physics: This year the NEET 2017 was a bit surprising to the lots of aspirants. The main reason behind was that level of the questions was bit higher. What was more disappointing that physics section was more difficult compared to other section.

Questions mainly came from topics like Mechanics, SHM & Waves, Heat & Thermodynamics, Properties of Matter, Electrodynamics, Modern Physics and Optics.

As the aspirant of NEET 2018, you must understand the physics is the only section that requires consistent practice. To make sure you study physics in a correct way read the following tips below;

NEET 2018 Physics

  1. The first step in physics is to memorise the important concept and formulas. This will help you in solving numerical questions.
  2. For NEET aspirants, the numerical can be a nightmare for them. Sometimes some students avoid practising numerical questions. Due to this approach, many students are not able to do well in physics section.
  3. In case you are solving lengthy calculation, try and solve the problem through approximation.
  4. To make sure that you are well versed with the concept, study HC Verma.
  5. After completing each chapter take online chapter wise test. This will help you to understand your preparation level.
  6. Before attending any lecture study the chapters in advance because you shouldn’t come across new concepts in the class for the first time.
  7. To make physics more fun, try and relate topics with your daily life. This will create more curiosity while studying physics.
  8. Since physics takes a lot of time and effort to adjust to new concepts. So keep the patience and continue to make daily efforts.

NEET 2018 Physics: Chapters came in NEET 2017

Chapter Class No of questions
Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory Class 11th 3
Gravitation Class 11th 4
Kinematics Class 11th 5
Laws of motion Class 11th 3
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body Class 11th 4
Oscillations and Waves Class 11th 5
Physical world and measurement Class 11th 5
Properties of Bulk Matter Class 11th 4
Thermodynamics Class 11th 3
Work, Energy and Power Class 12th 3
Atoms and Nuclei Class 12th 4
Current Electricity Class 12th 5
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation Class 12th 5
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents Class 12th 4
Electromagnetic Waves Class 12th 3
Electronic Devices Class 12th 2
Electrostatics Class 12th 3
Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism Class 12th 4
Optics Class 12th 5


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