NEET Chapter wise Practice-Telugu: Oztern helps students preparing for exams like NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER. This pack contains approx. 25000 questions from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

In this video, we will give the demo about the NEET module. The video is in the Telugu language.

NEET Chapter wise Practice-Telugu

  1. You will be landed on a homepage, there you can see Physics, Chemistry and biology having separate chapter wise test.
  2. You can check your course progress; how much time you have studied.
  3. Go to Physics subject and click on browse.
  4. You will see various chapters in physics then click on ‘Measurement’ chapter.
  5. Start the test.
  6. Once you start the test you will see that there is a timer running in the above question.
  7. Choose the correct answer then click on next.
  8. Once you are done with the test click on finish then ‘Finish the test and show the result‘.
  9. A detail report will be shown to you, where you can see no. of correct and incorrect answers. Also, you will be shown the accuracy level.
  10. You can also check detail analysis and answers.
  11. The performance graph will give you the idea about the performance from a very first test.
  12. Once you are confident with the chapters in all subject then go to the homepage to take NEET Mock Test.
  13. These tests consist of 180 questions, the timer here is set for 3 hours.
  14. You can take the tests unlimited time.
  15. The mock test will give you the idea about the exam pattern of NEET.
  16. Once you are done with the test you can click ‘finish the test and show the results’.
  17. You will get the analysis report of the test

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