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Prepare Biology within 8 days

Now the chemistry exam is over it is quite obvious that all of you must be in high spirit. The upcoming exam wouldn’t be tough like physics and chemistry.As you know that Biology is all about remembering the definition by heart. But at the same time, you must know how to learn every chapter in an organised way.Here you will get to know how to prepare biology within 8 days.


Prepare Biology within 8 days

  1. Most of you must have read Biology pretty well if not then the following tip will help you to score more in the exam.
  2. While studying new topics you will definitely come up with some topics which might be difficult to remember. So in this case, make points in your own words and write them down after completing each topic.
  3. Don’t forget to practice diagram along with theory.
  4. Most important thing, practice questions from previous year question paper as well the sample paper.
  5. If you are having the problem in revising the chapters then you can study with friends. But make sure it shouldn’t be long hour study because such thing can lead to distraction.
  6. Focus only on NCERT book.Use reference book, just to clarify the doubts.
  7. Before the day of the examination don’t study anything new, so try and finish almost everything before last day of the examination.
  8. And last but not least don’t forget to take a break after every 45 minutes, as the study shows that every 45 minutes the memory progressively start declining.


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Happy Preparation!!