Top 3 CBSE Free Video App you must know!

Top 3 CBSE Free Video App

Top 3 CBSE Free Video App: Nobody has ever thought there will be a time when a student can easily study through a smartphone. All credit goes to Android and IOS operating system. Now, in today’s time majority of people who are using the smartphone are using apps. Due to the increase in the usage of the app, the e-learning app came to the picture.

The e-learning video app will make a huge impact in the education sector.In today’s time, most of the students are spending a lot of money on education but despite this majority of them are not able to do well in their studies.

Top 3 CBSE Free Video App

  1. CBSE VIDEOS FOR GRADE 1 to 12: It is a video lecture app made by Oztern technology. The unique thing about this app it provides Science and Maths video lecture from class 1 to 12 in a just single download. Every chapter is explained simply to help the student to remember the chapter.The most important thing, those who are preparing for NEET and JEE can use this app to work on those chapters where they are struggling most. The firm which has designed this app is an educational research was established in the year 2009.To download this app click on the link
  2. Toppr: Toppr is also an educational firm that provides the student the Online test practice.The topper site is available to any part of the country. Last year they started the app in google app store. This app provides the video lecture as well the test practice to the student.
  3. NCERT Books: Philoid education designed this app. It is an ebook version of NCERT. It contains all the subjects of all classes. This will be very useful for the long run because it will remove the kilo of bags for the students. Also, it will be useful for those who are preparing for entrance exams.

Top 3 CBSE Free Video App: Advantages

  1. It is convenient and more flexible for students.
  2. Those who can’t afford education, they can use it for free.
  3. If the student has missed the class due to some valid reason, it can be beneficial for them.
  4. The best part about e-learning is that you can access the course 24×7.
  5. The use of the app will reduce the use of paper.
  6. The e-learning app will give more space to students in learning style.
  7. Last but not least it will increase the attention and a strong grasp on the subjects.

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